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Authored by Alison McCallum lifeandtimes@y7mail.com Dec 2014

Alison McCallum

Civil Marriage Celebrant

Life & Times Celebrancy

Choosing a Celebrant is a super important task in the overwhelming ‘to-do’ list of wedding planning.  Your Celebrant creates the vibe and sets the tone for the rest of your day.

The best thing to do is to choose a Celebrant that you feel comfortable with and that you have the utmost faith will deliver an amazing ceremony - that is perfect for the two of you!

After all, your ceremony should be a celebration – it doesn’t have to be formal and stiff, it can be relaxed and lighthearted - it can be whatever you want them to be. No longer does the ceremony have to be the boring bit everyone tolerates to get to the party, it should be the prelude to the party!

I will take your ideas for your wedding, combine them with your story and my gift of the gab, to create the perfect ceremony for the two of you!

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